2012 August 15

Salt and Straw in Portland, OR

Salt & Straw

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Last weekend I had the chance to visit Portland, Oregon for a fun day in the city. Oregon is famous for a couple things — lush green trees, delicious Pinot Noir and the University of Oregon football team. However, the most famous and also infamous aspect of Oregon is its rain. During the months of October to May, the downpour of rain in Oregon is constant and unbearable. Wearing a rain jacket and rain boots underneath your umbrella does not guarantee you getting to class dry. There were many occasions where I contemplated curling up in my blanket and not go to class because the weather was disastrous outside. But in the summertime, Oregon is hot, sunny and absolutely gorgeous. The sun radiates its heat across the state and daytime temperatures get up to 95°F. To bask in the warm sunshine, my boyfriend and his brothers and I decided to walk around the Nob Hill district in Portland and we came across a charming ice cream shop named Salt & Straw.

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