2014 June



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Ahoy! is a social networking app that is completely nautical themed. I came up with the idea after wanting to do something with anchors (if you didn’t know, I’m obsessed with anything anchor or nautical related). This is my first attempt making an app icon and I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. I know flat design is in right now so I initially did a flat version of this icon but decided against it. I wanted there to be some sort of depth. I’m going to start working on the UI portion soon. Not sure where this app is going and the concept may change over time but I’m happy with it for now.


Suit and Tie

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Something that I’ve been really interested in doing lately is making GIFs. I’ve made a lot of GIFs for work but never as a personal project. Here is a GIF that I recently made after being inspired by my New York trip last month. Living in Eugene, Oregon, you don’t see that many people in suits. Seeing people go to work everyday in a suit and tie is something that I vividly remember from my trip and I wanted to make a GIF out of it.

To note: I need to make the walking more fluid. It’s in the works.