Alexis Marcou’s Illustrations for Hewlett Packard

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Alexis Marcou is an illustrator doing freelance work for clients such as Cisco, Hewlett Packard, and Nike. In this post, I am focusing on Marcou’s work for Hewlett Packard, where he created three desktop backgrounds for their brand new 2012 notebooks. The backgrounds had to reflect elements of earth, fire, and water. In his notes, it states that Hewlett Packard wanted a light, faded, and minimal design for the backgrounds. Marcou responded to their request perfectly by creating illustrations that showcase his famous multi-layered approach, where he creates a simple yet visually complex design.

Marcou’s sketches are realistic and multidimensional. I love his use of multi-layering the colorful geometric lines on top of the black and white illustrations. My favorite illustration would be the phoenix because it encompasses the fire element well and the detailing of the illustration is intricate. The colorful geometric lines also works well with the fire element. In addition to the desktop backgrounds, Marcou sketched a new Hewlett Packard logo for the backgrounds he created. The logo is creative, refreshing, and literally breaks through the boundaries with its shattering element.

- Hana Kelley

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