Facebook Tests a New Profile Look (Again)

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Photo courtesy of Talking Points Memo

I am a huge technology enthusiast. Some may call it geeky but it is a huge passion of mine. I browse through Wired, TechCrunch, and Gizmodo on a daily basis to stay updated on new technology trends and products. Today, I came across an article on Gizmodo stating that Facebook is testing a new profile look… again. If you have a Facebook, you are aware that Facebook switched the design of its standard profile to a timeline where it represents a visual history of your entire life. Many embraced it but there were also many that did not like the change and wanted to revert to the original iconic Facebook profile. I am one of those who embraced the change and switched my profile to a timeline during its beta testing days using the developer tool. Now, they are changing the Facebook profile again. It is not as drastic of a change in comparison to the switch to the timeline but there are a few changes.

  • The user’s name, location, occupation, education, and other basic information are moved to layer on top of the “cover photo,” which is a backdrop image for a user’s profile.
  • The “Summary” tab was added on the user’s profile. When clicked, friend’s of the user can see a list of major life events of the user.
  • “Likes” have been changed to “Favorites.”
  • “Friends,” “Photos,” “Map,” and the new “Favorites,” are condensed into smaller tabs right below the cover photo.
New Timeline View of Facebook Profile

Photo courtesy of Talking Points Memo

Old Timeline View of Facebook Profile

Photo courtesy of Talking Points Memo

It is not certain that Facebook will make these changes but from the way it looks so far, I would not mind the change.

- Hana Kelley

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