Inspireous – What inspires you?

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J456 Proposal Dettman Kelley Russell 2

Inspireous is a project conceived by my team, Kelsey Dettman, Megan Russell, and I for my Journalism 456 class, The Creative Strategist, at the University of Oregon. Our project is based off the concept that inspiration is all around us and can be found anywhere in any shape or form. What inspires each individual is unique to that individual but the outcome is the same for everyone; it provides a moment of clarity that makes you see something in a different way. Using Twitter as a platform, our team hopes that Inspireous can be thought of as an outlet for individuals to share what inspires them. The submissions will go into a book and will be presented to the rest of our class at the end of the school term.

My job within the team is to carry out the design aspects of the project. Kelsey and Megan came up with the idea of using a dandelion seed flowing through the air as one of our logos; each seed representing an inspiring idea and the wind spreading that inspiration. The dandelion as you can see used in the first image was created on Adobe Illustrator. I created a colorful geometric center for the dandelion to emphasize that the seeds are full of life with new ideas. Going off of the color scheme, I then created the Twitter logo and the rest of the project brief that we proposed to our instructors for the class. I am excited to design the book once we gather more data.

- Hana Kelley


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