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One thing that I wanted to do during the AAF National Student Advertising Competition for Mary Kay was to create a mobile application that connect millenials and Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants. The average age of Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants is 42, which creates a large barrier for millenials to become interested in the Mary Kay brand. In order to bridge that gap, I felt that an application with interactive features (that millenials like) would be an effective way to get millenials to think about Mary Kay as an option for their beauty needs. Above is a rough mock up of a Mary Kay UI design that I have in mind.

The application allows both Independent Beauty Consultants and customers/potential customers to create a profile. A regular customer profile will have the ability to look at Independent Beauty Consultant profiles, chat with Independent Beauty Consultants, post beauty looks they like, and a calendar reminding of their appointment with an Independent Beauty Consultant. An Independent Beauty Consultant profile will have all of those features, and in addition, sale statistics and the ability to post videos.

In addition, I want to mock-up a map feature where you can find Independent Beauty Consultants in your area using geolocation features.

Thank you to Graphic Burger for providing the UI kit. I am still in the process of learning UI/UX design and using this template was a large help.

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