McDonald’s Reflective Billboard Only Visible at Night

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For hungry Vancouverites driving at night, McDonald’s created a reflective billboard that only shines at night when illuminated by headlights. Cosette, a Vancouver, CA based advertising agency, created this creative billboard to remind viewers that McDonald’s is open 24 hours. Targeting customers looking for a fast meal on the go at night, the billboard appears blank with no message in daylight; however, once it turns dark, the phrase “Open all night” along with the iconic golden arches are revealed when a car’s headlights hits the billboard.

McDonald’s Reflective Billboard from Jas Taylor on Vimeo.
I love the creativity behind the billboard and the concept clearly advertises that McDonald’s is open 24 hours. However, the billboard is not practical because it only targets a small amount of viewers. Only those who drive at night are able to see the billboard and the chance that they take enough time to clearly read the billboard heavily depends on the driver. The reflective tape used to illuminate the words and arches only appear when the headlights hit the billboard; therefore, the amount of time the headlights reflect on the billboard can be too short for the driver to read the full phrase. Also, driving at night is hard for many people. Drivers may be concerned with driving safely that they only concentrate on the road and miss the advertisement.

McDonald’s come up with many effective advertisements but this is not one of them.

- Hana Kelley

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