Alexis Marcou’s Illustrations for Hewlett Packard

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Alexis Marcou is an illustrator doing freelance work for clients such as Cisco, Hewlett Packard, and Nike. In this post, I am focusing on Marcou’s work for Hewlett Packard, where he created three desktop backgrounds for their brand new 2012 notebooks. The backgrounds had to reflect elements of earth, fire, and water. In his notes, it states that Hewlett Packard wanted a light, faded, and minimal design for the backgrounds. Marcou responded to their request perfectly by creating illustrations that showcase his famous multi-layered approach, where he creates a simple yet visually complex design.

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The Man Behind the Steve Aoki Album Covers

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Steve Aoki is the founder of Dim Mak Records, a record label that have launched careers for acts such as Bloc Party and Dada Life. He’s worked as a producer for many years but recently stepped into the limelight himself as an electronic dance music DJ. Aoki gained popularity when he released his debut mix album, Pillowface and His Airplane Chronicles in January 2008. The electronic dance music scene embraced his music, style, and energetic presence at shows. He then created an Essential Mix that aired on BBC Radio 1 in August 2008, which solidified his career as a DJ.

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Patrick Seymour – Part One

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Patrick Seymour  is an Illustrator based in Montreal, Canada. His field of expertise are in digital art, illustration, and typography. In this post, I will focus on Seymour’s illustrations, specifically his work involving his ability to play with lines and symmetry to create character designs. Seymour uses a variation of line thickness and curves to create a 3D image that pops out of the digital canvas. Every placement of the line is well thought out and intricate, which transcends beautifully into a finely detailed character design.

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Classic American Travel Posters

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Anderson Design Group is an graphic design firm based in Nashville, Tennesee. The founder, Joel Anderson, and his team of designers have been designing for clients such as National Geographic, Golden Books, Universal Studios, Capitol Records and DreamWorks since 1993. Art & Soul of America is a home and office decor print the Anderson Design Group have illustrated and gained wide recognition for. The retro-feel posters of the American cities touch any vintage lovers heart and the great use of typography creates a modern feel.

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