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I am going to live in New York City at least once in my life. I want to stroll through Central Park with my daily morning coffee-to-go, stop by a local bagel shop and grab a plain bagel with fresh salmon, silky cream cheese, and sour capers, and hop on the busy subway to go to work. Ideally, I would be working as a designer at a well-respected advertising agency coming up with innovative designs to ‘woo’ my clients. I don’t think this dream is far-fetched and I will make it happen. I have the drive, tools, and skills that I need to land that job and live that lifestyle that I always envisioned myself having.

My dreams of living in New York City were reaffirmed in my Journalism 456 class, The Creative Strategist, today. Five advertising students from the University of Oregon AD NYC Experience came to speak about what it was like to visit several advertising agencies in New York City. I personally enjoyed hearing from Gabriella Narvaez, a senior at the University of Oregon, whom went on the NYC trip last week. She is currently the Creative Director for Allen Hall Advertising, a student-run advertising firm at the University of Oregon, and has held many design-related positions in the past. I see myself in her position my senior year and I really took to heart what she had to say. She stated that some of the key things recruiters at advertising agencies look for in designers are:

  • Digital work. Show agencies that you can think in a digital format.
  • Personal projects. Recruiters want to see what your interests are. The best work comes from what you’re interested in.
After hearing from Gabriella, I feel I am more prepared to revise my current portfolio and add new works. I hope that I will be able to go on the University of Oregon AD NYC Experience trip next year to first-handedly see what it’s like to work for an advertising agency in New York City.

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